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In our lifetime we are all exposed to suffering from sickness, mental or emotional distress. The most extreme of these can be through bereavement and loss, relationship or family issues, or physical and mental abuse which may result in depression, stress, anxiety, low self-esteem and many other life-limiting issues.

As individuals, we may react to this through turning to alcohol, drugs, or other harmful patterns of behaviour.  Finding a positive tool to help us cope with our loss is such a blessing.

Through The Hannah Whitley Foundation we want to help improve the health of those suffering mental and emotional distress by offering them the chance to practice yoga for free as a new coping mechanism that may help them through their loss, grief or other sufferings.


“When someone you knows loses someone they love how do you support them in their grief? Please do not cross the road, or dive in to the office canteen - express your sorrow for their loss, and make time for them to talk about their loved one not just today but in six-months, 12-months and 18-months time. That little bit of loving kindness does make a difference to those grieving and will make that day a little better. Thank you".
Nicki ( Hannah's Mum)

We offer free yoga classes to those who are going through stressful situations as well as paid for yoga classes by experienced teachers

Find out how you can help support the foundation and those in need through making an online donation through the website

As we are a not-for-profit organisation we rely on help from people like you and we welcome any time you can give us

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