Yoga on the Edge

A very big Thank You to Clare Broomhead and Yoga on the Edge.
You have allowed our beautiful foundation to be reborn.
You have have given your time, energy and positivity to real use and we are now able to start our classes again.
Namaste Clare you are a true yogi –

Watch this space as we now flourish xxxxxxx

Dance at the Smithy

“I would like to send a personal and huge thank you to Deirdre and Danielle of DATS for so very generously allowing us to use their studio free of change and for putting up with us hanging around with all our equipment.  Without them, none of this would be possible.  Their kindness and generosity is exemplary and at the heart of the foundation”. – Nicki Simmons (Hannah’s mum)


Where would I be without our Lis.

Firstly there’s our website – I am thrilled to have such a beautiful website thank you Lis.

Then there’s all the admin behind the scenes – to be fair Lis has been my right hand and I would have been lost without her.

Lis manages all our social media.

Above all Lis is a kind listening ear.

Thank you Lis – you’re a brick.

All my love

Nicki xxxx