Nicki Simmons

I am the founder of this special Foundation which I set up to ensure that the spirit of my only darling daughter, taken far too young at the age of 23-years in a road traffic accident in India, lives on.   She was 10 days into a trip of a lifetime after qualifying as an accountant.  My Han’s spirit had to be kept alive and I thought long and hard about how best to do this.

It was when I was in the depths of my sorrow with nowhere to turn, that I found a tool for my pain – on my mat in my yoga and meditation classes, neither of which I had tried before. Then, in a bubble moment I realised that this is what I would create – a warm caring non-judgemental environment (all those qualities found in my daughter).  We would seek to enable others to find a tool for their grief and so became the Hannah Whitley Foundation.

So what else do I do in my spare time? I am a full time solicitor and mother to my rock , Theo , Hannah’s younger brother.

Chelsea Maher

One of Hannah’s best friends and heart and soul. One of the foundation’s founding members and social media guru!

Clare Broomhead


Clare began her yoga journey in 2012 after a spinal injury. Having been given a fairly bleak prognosis from doctors, Clare took to yoga as a means to ease her pain and restore her health and movement.

She began working with the Foundation in October 2021 and takes our Sunday restorative yoga class and also provides a Wednesday class Maggies at The Christie which the Foundation funds.

Gareth Jones

Hannah’s chief work role model, dear friend and the Foundation’s accountant and financial advisor.