Thoughts and photos from Hannah's friends and family

A place where we can remember Han. If you have any memories or photos that you would like to be included here please email

Theo was Han’s younger brother and here he reflects on his memories of her and the impact losing her had on his family.

“Han was an amazing big sister. She was bossy but I loved it!
She taught me to respect women. She was very caring, always cheering you up, and was seriously funny. We were a very close-knit family and me and Han grew closer from the age of 15. Prior to this I was just the annoying little brother. From the age of 15 we got on like a house on fire, non-stop laughing when were together.

“Losing Han has made us appreciate life and each other and put things into perspective. I miss her like crazy. It’s made me more mature; it makes you grow up quickly. I’ve always been really close with my gran and we’ve become even closer since Han passed. She is the cutest person in the world. My gran Loulou was very close to Han and they had been to Barcelona on a trip just before she went travelling and passed away. My grandpa is a good strong man, great for advice.

“I think it’s made me and my mum much more tight-knit, she’s even more motherly which can be a bit of a pain at times! My mum is a true inspiration and one of the strongest people I know, particularly in the way she has coped with the loss of Hannah.”

Chelsea is a trustee of the Foundation and was a close friend of Hannah.  Here she recollects their friendship.

“Hannah was one of a kind and to me is truly irreplaceable. Her friendship was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever experienced, and over the time we knew each other we became one of the most important people in each other’s lives. She was incredibly funny and silly, totally passionate about everything she did, the actual life and soul of every party (and never wanted to go home from a night out!). She was also effortlessly clever, a kind soul, and fiercely loyal. As a friend she was the biggest cheerleader, never judged and always encouraged you to pursue whatever it was you wanted to do with every fibre of your being. She also made you feel special by being completely and genuinely interested in every aspect of your life – which is pretty unique!”

Charlie Linguard came to know Hannah through her daughter Emma as they were at school together and she also became friends with Han’s mum Nicki.  She has this to say about her.

“Hannah is so special to me especially then and now, deep in my heart. I have such fond memories of her, but tapered with sadness (I can no longer see her). I can remember her making me laugh and smile simultaneously. These memories are rock solid to my core.

“She had a lively and endearing personality. Hannah lit up the room.  She was adventurous, had an unsurpassed zest for life, enthusiastic in everything she did.”

Hayley was with Hannah on her final trip and was one of her best friends.  Here she shares her memories of what Hannah was like as a friend.

“I met Hannah through mutual friends in late 2013 at a party. We connected straight away. She had that kind of warm, endearing energy that you hope for when meeting someone new for the first time. It has to be said, this wasn’t artificial either, it was clear she was truly and naturally just a gorgeous soul and I felt lucky to have been introduced to her and knew we already had a strong bond. We then went on two consecutive holidays together the following summer as a group of girls that made memories that I can hold close to my heart forever.

“Over the next few years, Hannah and I grew incredibly close, and she started to inherently feel like a sister to me, and a beloved part of my family.  Hannah had dreams to see the world, to experience every culture and its people. She wanted to absorb things truly and authentically, to see what she could receive from them and what she could radiate out in return. She and I planned the adventure of our dreams in the hope of nourishing our souls and meeting exciting people and exploring new worlds. It pains to me to think this got cut so short for both of us and she never got to fulfil this in the physical world but I know Hannah is flying and swirling around the universe somewhere now living out her dreams to the fullest.”

Thank you for these images Laura and Sophie Ratley-howells