We love hearing about your experience with the Foundation.  Below are some of the fantastic comments that we have received.  If you would like to add to this page please email nicola@thehannahwhitleyfoundation.org

“I really enjoyed the class and meeting you.  I so wish we were more local!”

“So relaxing and good for the body and mind.  I enjoyed it so much.”

“It’s so amazing how you just came into my life at this moment in time.  I feel very lucky having this support to deal with my grief this time round.”

“When I walked into the room and sat on the mat my eyes filled with tears and they rolled down my cheeks.  Just having that space and time to let some emotion out is an amazing opportunity.  I so enjoyed the session.”


“I discovered this very special foundation in my councillor’s waiting room.  A flyer caught my eye and it was just what I had been looking for.  I had sought counselling following the death of my beloved father and knew that I was going to need something more than just talking to see me through.  It’s funny how life sometimes just plants what you need, right at your feet.

“I contacted the Foundation and Nicki responded swiftly and with real warmth and compassion, sending me her condolences and inviting me along to the next session.  Once there I found a group of people ready to welcome me and include me. We were given mats, blocks and blankets.  The room was lit by candles and oils were diffused through the air.  Pictures of Nicki’s daughter Hannah were set on the floor.  Then Jane, the yoga teacher, confidently talked us through a gentle, restorative, and comforting yoga session. We were guided with positive affirmations and mantras.  With reassurance and a smile we were helped into and out of any pose that got a bit tricky. These yoga classes have been a real treat at the end of the weekend and always set me up for the week ahead.  Jane and Nicki are two very special ladies and they are putting something very special out into the world.  I’m so grateful for the welcome, the guidance, and the care they have given to me during these first few months of grief.”

“Valley School school caters to some of the most complex children and their families in Stockport.  Nicki and John first came to our school pamper morning in Jan 18. Since then we have made a lovely bond with them and they have offered parents a block session of yoga and meditation.

Nicki’s warmth and openness combined with John’s naturally serene essence created a beautiful safe and sacred space for parents to dedicate time – if only for a while – on themselves.

Combining breathing techniques and postures, parents were able to tap into their inner calm and given the time to just ‘be’.  We have laughed together, we have cried together, we have connected in the emotion arising from the songs at the end, and we have listened intently to John’s stories all whilst breathing in the familiar lemongrass scent.

Thank you Hannah Whitley Foundation for creating a beautiful space for our parents to relax and unwind. It is truly appreciated and you do a wonderful job.”

Jennie Everhard, Family Liaison Worker, Valley School

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