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We’d like to give you a few updates. Firstly we are moving! Clare Broomhead is relocating to new premises on 25th March. It’s only round the corner from where she is now and we’re still planning to run a class on the 26th. We’re hoping to have a video soon to show off the new studio.

You may have noticed we’ve not talked about our golf day for a while. Due to circumstances beyond our control we’re having to put this fundraiser on hold but hope to revisit it in the future.

As you will be aware we fund classes at Maggie’s at The Christie. Taking place each Wednesday these classes last for one and a half hours and focus on regaining strength and flexibility as well as mental health wellbeing. The majority of attendees live in and around the Manchester area and it is wonderful that we are able to help people going through a tough time whilst receiving their cancer treatment and also post treatment. Clare recommends a course of 6 sessions but those who want to attend for longer are more than welcome to do so.

Finally if you are in need or know someone who would benefit from our Sunday classes please do come and join us. We hold restorative yoga sessions at 12.30pm at Yoga on the Edge The classes last for one hour and are great for improving your mental health and helping you to relax. All you need to do is book your free place using this link here https://yogaontheedge.co.uk/timetable/

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