Making Sense of Grief

2020 was incredibly hard and 2021 has begun in the same vein. Many have experienced the loss of a loved one, whether from Covid or other causes.  The passing of those who we are nearest to has a devastating effect. I feel my loss every day since the passing of my beloved daughter.

I came across the article below in The Guardian and hope that it can offer some words of comfort to you.

I particularly like the idea of the sixth stage of grief and how you can find meaning in a person’s life.

This is exactly the aim of the Hannah Whitley Foundation.  Following the devastating loss of Han, I took solace in yoga and from there developed the idea of how I could help other people who were suffering. 

By setting up the Foundation we have been able to help many people work through their grief whilst keeping darling Han’s memory alive.

We have also been able to expand our remit to reach out to more people. 

You might not be experiencing grief but if you’re stressed or depressed then yoga can be a great way to restore a sense of calm.

If the Foundation has helped just one person to see their way out of a difficult situation, then I feel our charity is helping our community and those within it.

Much love to all


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