My way of coping with grief

It is now nearly the two-year anniversary since my darling daughter passed on 22nd December 2017 and for those that say time heals, I would beg to differ – time passes.

But what I am learning is how to deal with my grief – how to cope with each passing birthday and pending Christmas, all those occasions where Hannah is no longer with me. For me, these events don’t get any easier I just get a little better at dealing with them and on those times that I don’t, I learn to respect myself and my grief and ask for that respect from those around me.

What I do know is that I now treasure time. I cherish that time and those occasions with the people I love. Snuggling up to watch a TV series with my son has never been so important and I will always seek to make time to see my mum. I have not become a saint, but learnt gratitude for what I have.

This is another tool that John Brown has taught me through my yoga and meditation. When we lie on our mat and shut our eyes I used to sob, and I still do, but I try to have gratitude for the 23 years that I had with my daughter.

Please in Hannah’s words give yourself loving kindness.


Nicki xxxxxxx

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  1. How beautiful How true
    Hannah’s forever LouLou Loraine

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