Interview with Clare Broomhead

We’re thought you’d like to learn more about Clare and our new home at her yoga studio so here’s an interview with her so that you can find out more.

I’m sure we’re all keen to know a bit more about you Clare. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am married and live in Tytherington with two of my three children, who are now all adults and the best thing that I have done in my life. My background is finance and banking and I am a trained accountant. I have always been very keen on a fit healthy lifestyle and trained as a Personal Trainer many years ago but only used it for my benefit. I have done lots of charity work over the years predominately working with NSPCC, Francis House, The Christie, Teenage Cancer Trust, Maggies and East Cheshire Hospice

When did you first start practising yoga and when did you establish Yoga on the Edge?

I broke my back in 2012 and was in a back brace for three months and was told to not attempt any of the previous sporting activities I had enjoyed. Yoga was suggested to me and I tried it and very quickly I was completely hooked. I have gained my 1000 hours teacher training in many countries including India, Thailand, Bali, Lombok and soon to go the USA too.

It has helped me both physically plus mentally, particularly during my mum’s battle with cancer, closely followed with my father’s battle with the same disease

I established an online Yoga community during lockdown and then found our premises which I opened in May. My goal is to create a yoga community that enables people to discover all the very many benefits of this ancient practice both for the body but also the mind.

Yoga on the Edge strives to uplift and support each other in achieving physical, mental, and holistic wellbeing.  There are so many different types of yoga to choose, and it is best to explore as much as possible because your yoga will find you.

For those who have never tried out yoga, what are the benefits of it?

Yoga will aid you in improving your strength, balance and flexibility and certainly helped me with back pain too. It can help you to sleep better and enable you to manage stressful times, particularly the use of the breath to quieten the mind and move away from all the thoughts that are creating tension.

Through a regular meditation practice you can learn to truly cultivate a sense of calm within your mind, an inner sanctuary.  Our yoga community is supportive, and we try to create an environment that allows people to heal and thrive.  A yoga lifestyle is generally healthier and guides you down a never-ending path of health, healing and internal growth.

Can you tell us how you heard about the Foundation?

I have done much work with Clarke Nicklin who I was aware supported the charity and also know both John Brown and Rachel Manion well who have both helped out in the past

We are so grateful that you are running the classes, what made you decide that you wanted to work with us?

Nicky attended Yoga on the Edge and it was a delight to meet her so all I wanted to do from then was help her with her vision. What she has created will truly benefit those in need.

For those who have not done restorative yoga before, can you explain what they can expect from the classes?

Restorative yoga is a gentle practice which creates space for you to breathe deeply and relax. The class works on longer holds in poses which encourages muscle lengthening and release into tired limbs.

The meditative element of the class invites you to slow down mentally and find a place of self-acceptance. Many people find the space to release tension in this practice both physically and mentally.

If someone feels like they would benefit from our classes but are hesitant about coming along, what words of advice would you give them?

It is a small group of people who all felt the same way initially but do find that the ability to dedicate an hour to themselves and calm their thoughts has huge benefits.

The practice is gentle, and everyone is encouraged to move in a way as they feel they would gain benefit from.  At the end we have some tea and those who feel they would like to have a chat have the opportunity to do so.

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