National Bereaved Parents Day

Today is National Bereaved Parents day and Nicki has a few words for anyone who is struggling. There is also an article at the bottom of this post that we hope you find useful.
“It is approaching the five-year anniversary of the passing (I still struggle to say ‘death’) of my first-born, my daughter Hannah and it does not get any easier. Time does pass, but the pain, the open wound, does not ease.
On the outside I am a successful solicitor, a strong woman – to those who really know me I am brave but I am also very vulnerable.
Losing Han has taught me to really treasure those I have and love – my son Theo to whom I would give me life, my partner who holds me up each and every day and my work which through giving everything I can to helping others gives me ‘raison d’etre’.
Today I want to reach out to others who have lost their children and to those close to them – allow yourself to grieve and continue to grieve. There is nothing wrong with this, it is part of the healing process although you will never be whole again. Seek out an environment that makes you feel safe as I have done with my yoga and my charity in Han’s memory. And most importantly reach out if you need help.
All all my love to each and every one of you,Nicki xxxx”
Please take some time to click on the link to read the article – six ways bereaved parents can be helped through their grief

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