Class reminder

We do hope you are enjoying the warmer weather and for those of you who aren’t we’re sure it won’t last long!
Come rain or shine the Foundation is here for you and a spot of sunshine isn’t going to stop our free class this Sunday which will be taking place at 12.30pm. Our restorative yoga session is hosted by Clare Broomhead and her team at Yoga on the Edge in Alderley Edge. The class takes place in the form of gentle restorative yoga, concentrating on breathing and relaxation, and is suitable for all adults from beginners to more advanced practitioners. The session lasts for an hour and all that we ask is that you book your place in advance using the link here
A reminder too that we also fund yoga classes at Maggies at The Christie every Wednesday at 12.15pm for those who are undergoing cancer treatment, along with their family and friends and these are taken by Clare and her team. If you know someone who would benefit from this please contact Clare Broomhead here
As you may be aware we are hosting a golf day and ball on Friday 30th June 2023 at Bramhall Golf Club. The event is being organised by Han’s brother Theo and his colleagues at IN-Accountancy. If you are thinking of coming along we would ask that you drop us a message so that we can start to gather numbers. Over the coming weeks we will be giving you a lot more details as to what to expect from the day and we’re hoping to raise lots of money so that we can continue to hold our Sunday classes and carry on funding our Wednesday classes for those who affected by cancer.

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